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Life Happiness 101
The Laws of Happiness

31 Happiness Insights from Med Jones
(Selected Insights courtesy the International Institute of Management, 2001)
(Royalty Free Use for Personal and Commercial Use, Attribution is Required)

Happiness Law 1: The Sheep

The sheep state of mind

A wise man once wrote "we, people, are like sheep, the sheep goes through life, following other sheep to discover at the end of its life, that the other sheep were following it".

Are you doing what makes you really happy? Or are you following the other sheep?


Happiness Law 2: Love

Love is Life. Hate is Death. Fall in Love with Life.

Lets research the facts, you did not come to life on your own, it was an act of love by two other people. After you where conceived, you did not stay alive on your own, you are alive today because of the acts of love of other people including your family, and indirectly the communities they lived in. Life is designed to sustain itself through love. Love is the driving force of life. The biological, psychological, environmental and socioeconomic burdens to get your mom pregnant, keep her pregnant, give birth and sustain your life until adulthood are enormous. The burden is not only on your parent but also on your community and environment. Yet you were given this chance and you were loved. Today you are alive because of the love of others. So regardless how imperfect your current living conditions or people around you, if you choose love, you will have the force in you to survive and thrive and if you chose hate you will almost certainly suffer.


Happiness Law 3: Gratitude

Happiness is Gratitude. Adopt an attitude of gratitude.

You probably heard this many times before, but consider the following science of life, you are unbelievably lucky to have won the lottery of life. The chances of winning is so low that it is a miracle that you are alive today. If you examine the act of conceiving a human life. Your chances of winning life is one in billions. The average sperm count is 300 millions multiplied into many attempts. Considering the sperm microscopic size,  in each attempt, the sperm must travel an equivalent of 43 miles (69km) in a very hostile chemical environment. As stated in Happiness Law 2, The biological, psychological, environmental and socioeconomic burdens to keep the pregnancy after conception, give birth and sustain your life are enormous, not only on your parent but also on your community. Yet you were given this chance and you were are alive today. If you consider this fact, no matter what you get or lose in life, you cannot help but be thankful for being alive. 

Having the attitude of gratitude will help you see things clearer, brighter and make you happier.


Happiness Law 4: Attachment & Detachment

Attachment is the cause of all sufferings, so is detachment

It is true that the more you invest your emotions, effort, time or money in something (or in someone) the more likely youíll feel the pain when you lose them. So some people choose to detach themselves from things or others to avoid the experience of pain. The other side of the coin, if you disengage from life you will miss most of what life has to offer you including the great experiences. What's ironic is that the monks that advocate detachment philosophy become attached to detachment


Happiness Law 5: Happiness Is Not A Goal

Happiness is not a Goal. Either you are happy or you are not.
It does not matter who you are, where you are or what you do, either you are happy or not. Happiness is a state of mind. Regardless of your goals in life or where you are going, you can travel your life's journey happy or unhappy.


Happiness Law 5: Perfection

Happiness is Tolerance. Nothing and no one is perfect. To be happy let go of that idea and forgive yourself and others
If you join the perfectionistís club, be ready to live most of your life disappointed, offended and lonely. Nothing is more conducive to your own happiness than tolerance. You do not have to turn your cheek the other away, you just have to let go and go on with your life, for your own sake.


Happiness Law 7: Mistakes

Happiness is Learning. Live through your mistakes not with them
Do I need to explain this? If you play the blame game against yourself or other, you will not be happy.


Happiness Law 8: Change It.

Happiness is Change. If it is not working, change it.
If your job, relationship or lifestyle is not working for you then fix it. If you are not able to fix it, then change it. Life is just too short to do something or be with someone who is making you miserable. Donít worry about your image or what others will think of you, itís your life not theirs.


Happiness Law 9: Action

Happiness is Action. Action is the most potent instrument of change
If you want a change, take action. Some people can help you find momentary happiness, but keeping it requires practice. If you want to be happy, practice being happy.


Happiness Law 10: Inertia

Happiness is Momentum. Understand the mental law of inertia
The law of mental inertia follows the same dynamics as the law of physical inertia. It takes more effort and force to move an object than to keep it moving. Once the object picks speed, it becomes much easier to maintain the movement. In fact, once it is in motion, it will take more force to stop it or reverse its direction. The mind behaves in the same way, it will take more initial effort to move the mind in the direction of happiness, but once it picks up momentum, it becomes almost effortless and better yet, it will take more force to stop it or reverse its direction. If you understand this, it will help you not to quit too soon.


Happiness Law 11: Modeling

Happiness is Modeling. Understand the law of mental modeling
If you want to become happy chose your role models wisely (Are your role models famous, rich, powerful or happy?)


Happiness Law 12: Mental Slavery

Happiness is a Free Mind. Beware of mental slavery
Physical slavery is outlawed, but how about mental slavery? Even the most advanced societies are practicing mental slavery and their main tool is mind programming. What books, TV channels, newspaper, spiritual leaders are you allowing to program your mind? Are they stimulating more fear, hate, anger in you or are they stimulating understanding, happiness and tolerance? Never underestimate the power of mental programming. How else do you think, suicide bombers blow themselves up believing that they are going to heaven? How else do you think, governments send their citizens to war, killing themselves and hundreds of thousands of innocent people, while having them thinking that they are brave and patriotic? If mind programming can send people to their own deaths, it can be used to change your life. Deprogram your mind from negative and limiting programs. Set mind free!


Happiness Law 13: Examine your mind programs

Happiness is a Program. Understand and use the power of mental programming.
Your government, media, parents and teachers are doing it all the time. It's used in everyday advertising, propaganda, church and schools. It is social engineering and mass programming by the elite. Whether we like to admit it or not, we are a product of our environment and its social programming. You think you are a free thinker? Think again! This is not some evil government conspiracy, they are doing their best to develop the society, but the key question to ask is; "Is their programming making you happy?Ē If not, then itís probably time to re-examine your life. Aristotle, the great Greek philosopher, said once, "An unexamined life is not worth living" He could not be more right. It's time to deprogram your negative mind scripts and re-write your own positive scripts to serve your best interest.


Happiness Law 14: Association

Happiness is an Association. Understand the mental law of association
Your actions, emotions and feelings (good or bad) are a result of your mental associations.
Advertisers and political media understand that best. They edit images and verbal messages to associate positive experiences with their products, people and agendas, while associating negative images with their competition. If you are not happy, it is time to re-examine your mental associations. Itís time to reconsider changing your associations about the things, people and agendas that are making you and others unhappy.


Happiness Law 15: Thinking Patterns

Happiness is a Pattern. The mind thinks in patterns, therefore you behave and feel in patterns.
Have you noticed how many people repeat the same mistakes over and over again or change jobs every few years? Have you noticed how people attract friends of similar characteristics and behave the same way to most people? If your behavioral pattern is not working for you, you need to dismantle negative thinking patterns and build new positive ones.


Happiness Law 16: Positive and Negative Cycles

Happiness is a Cycle.

Positive thinking leads to stronger motivation, which leads to hard work, which leads to success, which leads to more motivation. Get the picture?  The opposite is also true. Whenever you catch yourself thinking negatively, break the negative cycle by thinking and doing something positive. This way you get out of the negative-feedback loop and get yourself into a positive-feedback loop that keeps you going strong.  Exit the vicious cycles and enter the virtuous cycles


Happiness Law 17: Information

Happiness is a Decision. Wrong decisions are based on lack of information or misinformation
Ask yourself, do you have all the information before you take as important decisions in your life?
Did you validate the information? If you are unhappy now, then either you have been misinformed or you do not have the necessary information to make the right decisions. Always examine the evidence, take time to evaluate your information, the sources of information, your past actions and reactions, and the results of each action or inaction.


Happiness Law 18: Instincts

Happiness is Awareness. Contrary to the popular opinion, don't trust your instincts
Your instincts are as good as your programming and the information you are fed. You think your instincts and emotions are good for you? Then can explain why many people are suffering from AIDS, because they acted on their instincts and had unprotected sex with untested partner. Can you explain why a husband spends the rest of his life in jail, because he got angry and killed his wife. Realize that your instincts and emotions are not always right and your logic can be faulty. Need evidence? How is your life doing so far? Are your instincts making your life a happier?
This advice is not against following instincts, it is not about losing spontaneity or be inhibited, on the contrary, the advice is dare, Iím asking you to be aware and. Iím asking you to develop your awareness and install a healthy mental programming, so that your instincts and emotions serve you better


Happiness Law 19: Open Mind

Be Aware! Happiness is an open mind. The more you open your mind the more you'll enjoy life.
Beware of stereotypes, prejudices and narrow thinking about things, experiences and people, they can trap you in a box and make you miss out on much of what life has to offer you.


Happiness Law 20: Friends

Happiness is Friends. If you want to be happy, befriend happy people.
Because we learn by association and imitation, whether we like it or not, we adopt similar characteristics of our family members, partners and friends, especially after long periods of companionship. So choose your companions carefully. If you want to become happier, I recommend you befriend supportive, successful, optimistic and cheerful friends. This does not mean that you drop or leave good friends if they suffer from a misfortune, on the contrary your role is to support them. The more support you give the more allies you'll build. What I'm saying is to avoid harmful people with continuous negative thinking patterns. You know them by the constant criticism of everyone and everything, they tend to have hate, resentment or anger towards other people. You see them on TV, at school, work and even churches, mosques and temples.


Happiness Law 21: The Pursuit of Unhappiness

Happiness is not a Pursuit.
An Indian guru once told me that happiness is like a butterfly, if you chase it, it will run away, but if you relax and sit still, it will land and rest on your shoulders.
Feel free to pursue love, knowledge, money, power, or fame...but for happiness to find you, you cannot be restless in your pursuit! Rest so happiness can enjoy your pursuit.


Happiness Law 22: Media

Happiness is Information. Choose your sources of information carefully
Your TV, books and newspapers. It's OK to explore or research different points of views, even when they are negative, but make sure that negative information sources are not most of what you watch. Avoid negative media, horror movies, court shows, hate authors, war voices and religious programs prophesying the end of the world. They'll poison your mind and destroy your trust in the goodness of other people. They will build fear, anxiety, hate, resentment in your heart and incite negative reactions. All of that for their own commercial gain or serving their own ideologies and agenda.


Happiness Law 23: Fun

Happiness is Fun.
Exercise, listen to happy music, travel, dance, watch sitcoms and have fun
Make sure to treat yourself regularly with a dose of fun. Don't let work exhaust you and take over your life. Prolonged physical and mental exhaustion can lead to severe stress and depression. Taking a break, not only helps relax your mind, but keeps you healthy, energizes you more and makes you look better.

Happiness Law 24: Focus on Your Strengths

Happiness is Focus. Focus on your strengths
Focus helps and pays higher returns on investment. Write down what you are good at and what people tell you that you are good at, then leverage your strength in your career and hobbies for a better and more enjoyable lifestyle.


Happiness Law 25: Manage Your Money

Happiness is Money. Take care of your Money and money will take care of you.
Money provides you a comfortable lifestyle, and affords you more time and opportunities to do what you like. Take care of your money and your money will take care of you.


Happiness Law 26: Be Realistic

Happiness is Reality. Be realistic, no one has it all
While some people are more successful than others, no one has it all. When someone succeeds phenomenally in one area, there is usually a heavy at the expense of another area. What is the use of working all your life to become the richest person in the world, if you have lost your youth and time at the office? By all means go after your dreams, but always remember, the most rewarding success is leading a happy and balanced life. Let go of the unrealistic ideas (such having it all) and you will become happier.


Happiness Law 27: Adaptation

Happiness is Adaptation. Understand the law of lifecycles and adapt to it.
Everything in life goes through cycles, the four seasons, the plants, businesses, economies and countries. The same is true for your relationships. Do not hold on to unrealistic or romantic notions such as "forever" or you'll suffer unnecessarily. Countries, traditions, people, families and relationships change. Do not resent them or resent yourself, change is life and life is change. While it is ok to hold on to those you can, do understand that when change is stronger than existing state, the best way is to let go, so you do not miss the benefits of the new cycle or a new phase of life.


Happiness Law 28: Say Yes. Say No

Happiness is Yes & No. Learn to say No. Learn to say Yes.
Learn to say no to demands that pressure your life without a fair reward in return. Learn to say yes to yourself and to people who love you and care about you.


Happiness Law 29: A Smart Heart!

Happiness is a Smart Heart.
Think Smart! Feel Smart - Follow Heart! But Teach it to be Smart!


Happiness Law 30: Wisdom

Happiness is Wisdom.
To be wise analyze, do not blame, sympathize.


Happiness Law 31: Now!

Happiness is Now.
The Zen teaches us that happiness is now.
Do not waste the "Now" by thinking about the regrets of the past or worrying about the future. Enjoy your life Now.




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