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The Happiness Movement

"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions".  - Dalai Lama

The happiness movement of the twenty first century is an action for positive socioeconomic change. The goal of the movement is the spread of awareness and the support of education of positive public policies that improve the well-being of individuals and their societies.

There is no formal center, authority, structure, ideology, or geographic border for the movement. The happiness movement begins with you, your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and community. You take responsibility for your own happiness and for the happiness of the people you care about. The movement is about communication, education, and cooperation on promoting scientific-based policy decisions that contribute to our well-being and happiness.

You can help spread the awareness and support positive action within your community by simply sharing what you learned with family, friends, community and civic leaders. You can create local clubs, meetups, workgroups, library meetings to learn and contribute more knowledge about the issues that help improve the human experience and living conditions.

While the goal of the happiness movement is to promote the development of well-being policies, it is not a political movement. The happiness movement is an educational movement.

The movement should not be allowed to be hijacked by any group of people, ideology, or a political party. The movement must remain global, independent and inspire people to work together for the individual and collective of well-being.

The happiness movement is a cooperative and inclusive movement, it should remain an open forum for scientific debate while promoting unity on common issues rather than engaging in competitive partisan or divisive politics. The movement brings together people from all walks of life to work individually and collectively on developing their happiness and well-being. Policy makers, economists, psychologists, sociologists, journalists and community leaders are invited to join the movement.

To learn more about the leaders and pioneers of the modern happiness movement, please visit: Who is Who of the Modern Happiness Movement?

Paper Author: Mona Safi, GNH Institute, 2013



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