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Happiness Research Library

The research on happiness and well-being covers wide-range of fields, including psychology, sociology, economics, political science, business and education. The following is an initial list of the body of work from various scholars and researchers. We also included the research conducted by the GNH Institute.

Happiness Research Papers, Articles and Expert Opinions

More Research papers and Expert Articles

More Happiness Economics Research Articles
Books and Article Resources


In chronological Order

  • Radcliff, Benjamin "Politics, Markets, and Life Satisfaction," American Political Science Review, 2001
  • Jones, Med, Gross National Happiness / Wellness Index - GNW / GNH Index, A New Economic Development Metric, Working Paper, International Institute of of Management, January 4, 2005 (Online)
  • Bruni, Luigino; Pier Luigi Porta . Economics and Happiness: Framing the Analysis. Oxford University Press, (Print December 15, 2005, Oxford Scholarship Online, 2006)
  • Jones, Med, The American Pursuit of Happiness - A US Policy White paper, International Institute of of Management, 2006 (online)
  • The Scientist's Pursuit of Happiness, Policy, Spring 2005
  • Richard Layard, "Happiness and Public Policy: A Challenge to the Profession," Economic Journal, Conference Papers, 2006
  • Lina Eriksson, James Mahmud Rice, and Robert E. Goodin, "Temporal Aspects of Life Satisfaction", "Social Indicators Research", February, 2007
  • Thailand's Gross Domestic Happiness Index Falls, Monsters and Critics, 2007
  • Anielski, Mark. The Economics of Happiness: Building Genuine Wealth. Canada: New Society Publishers, 2007
  • Ruut Veenhoven, World Database of Happiness, 2007
  • Rana Foroohar, "Money v. Happiness: Nations Rethink Priorities", Newsweek, April 5, 2007
  • In Pursuit of Happiness Research. Is It Reliable? What Does It Imply for Policy? The Cato Institute. April 11, 2007
  • Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness, May 2009
    Layard, R. . Setting happiness as a national goal. The Futurist, 2007
  • Vandore, Emma, "Inventing the 'Glad Domestic Product'". The Star (Toronto), 2008
  • Bruni, Luigino; Pier Luigi Porta, Handbook On the Economics Of Happiness. Edward Elgar Publishing, 2008
  • Carol Graham, "happiness, economics of," The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, 2nd Edition. Abstract. Prepublication copy. 2008
  • Clark, Andrew E., Paul Frijters, and Michael A. Shields, "Relative Income, Happiness, and Utility: An Explanation for the Easterlin Paradox and Other Puzzles," Journal of Economic Literature, 2008
  • Radcliff, Benjamin and Alexander Pacek. "Assessing the Welfare State: the Politics of Happiness," Perspectives on Politics, 2008
  • David G. Blanchflower, "Happiness Economics," NBER Reporter Online, 2008
  • Money does not make you happy 'but therapy does', The Telegraph, November 20, 2009
  • Gaucher, Renaud, Bonheur et économie. Le capitalisme est-il soluble dans la recherche du bonheur? L'Harmattan, collection L'esprit économique, 2009
  • Carol Graham,  "The Challenges of Incorporating Empowerment into the HDI: Some Lessons from Happiness Economics and Quality of Life Research," 54 pages, Human Development Reports Research Paper, 2010, United Nations
  • Alvarez-Diaz, A., Gonzalez, L., and Radcliff, B. "The Politics of Happiness: On the Political Determinants of Quality of Life in the American States", The Journal of Politics, 2010
  • The Centre for Independent Studies. "About CIS", 2010
  • Holmes, Bob "Money can buy you happiness – up to a point". New Scientist, 2010
  • Boyce, C. J., & Wood, A. M. Money or mental health: The cost of alleviating psychological distress with monetary compensation versus psychological therapy,' Health Economics, Policy and Law
  • Rozanne Larsen, "If money doesn’t make you happy, then you probably aren’t spending it rightf". Journalist's Resource. Harvard Kennedy School's Shorenstein Center and the Carnegie-Knight Initiative, 15 September 2011
  • Okulicz-Kozaryn, Adam, "Does Religious Diversity Make Us Unhappy?" Mental Health, Religion & Culture, 2011
  • CIW composite index reveals Canadian wellbeing is on the decline, 2012
  • MacKerron, George "Happiness Economics from 35,000 Feet," Journal of Economic Surveys, 2012
  • Helliwell, John F., Richard Layard, and Jeffrey Sachs, eds. World happiness report 2013 Sustainable Development Solutions Network, 2013
  • Edward L. Glaeser, Joshua D. Gottlieb, Oren Ziv. "NBER Working Paper Series: "Unhappy Cities"". The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). July 2014
  • Joachim Weimann, Andreas Knabe, and Ronnie Schob, eds. Measuring Happiness: The Economics of Well-Being, MIT Press; 2015

21st Century Happiness Psychology Research Library
Books and Articles Resources


In chronological Order

  • Koenig HG, McCullough M, & Larson DB. Handbook of religion and health 2001
  • Martin E.P. Seligman, Authentic Happiness, Free Press, 2002
  • Alexandra Stoddard "Choosing happiness – keys to a joyful life", 2002
  • Hills P., Argyle M. "The Oxford Happiness Questionnaire: a compact scale for the measurement of psychological well-being. 2002
  • Kahneman, Daniel; Ed Diener. Well-being: the foundations of hedonic psychology. Russell Sage Foundation, 2003
  • Gregg Easterbrook "The progress paradox – how life gets better while people feel worse", 2003
  • Ben Renshaw "The secrets of happiness", 2003
  • C. Robert Cloninger, Feeling Good: The Science of Well-Being, Oxford, 2004
  • Desmond Morris "The nature of happiness", 2004
  • McMahon, Darrin M., The History of Happiness: 400 B.C. – A.D. 1780, Daedalus journal, Spring 2004
  • McMahon, Darrin M., Happiness: A History, Atlantic Monthly Press, November 28, 2005
  • Richard Layard, Happiness: Lessons From A New Science, Penguin, 2005
  • Luskin, Frederic, Kenneth R. Pelletier, Dr. Andrew Weil (Foreword). "Stress Free for Good: 10
  • Scientifically Proven Life Skills for Health and Happiness." 2005
  • Daniel Gilbert, Stumbling on Happiness, Knopf, 2006
  • Stefan Klein, The Science of Happiness, Marlowe, 2006
  • Niek Persoon "Happiness doesn't just happen", 2006
  • Barbara Ann Kipfer, 14,000 Things to Be Happy About, Workman, 2007
  • W. Doyle Gentry "Happiness for dummies", 2008
  • Eric G. Wilson "Against Happiness", 2008
  • Carol Graham "Happiness Around the World: The Paradox of Happy Peasants and Miserable Millionaires", OUP Oxford, 2009
  • James Hadley, Happiness: A New Perspective, 2013
    Fiona Robards, "What makes you happy?" Exisle Publishing, 2014

Note worthy 20th Century Resources

  • Bertrand Russell "The conquest of happiness", orig. 1930 (many reprints)
  • Norman M. Bradburn "The structure of psychological well-being", 1969
  • Elizabeth Telfer "Happiness : an examination of a hedonistic and a eudaemonistic concept of happiness and of the relations between them...", 1980
  • Ruut Veenhoven "Conditions of happiness", 1984
  • Władysław Tatarkiewicz, Analysis of Happiness, The Hague, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 1972
  • Robert Holden "Happiness now!", 1998
  • Yones, M Subjective Well-being as Public Policy and  Tool to Prevent Future Civil Conflicts
  • Michael W. Eysenck "Happiness – facts and myths", 1990
  • Neil Kaufman "Happiness is a choice", 1991
  • David G. Myers, Ph. D., The Pursuit of Happiness: Who is Happy—and Why, William Morrow and Co., 1992
  • Joop Hartog & Hessel Oosterbeek "Health, wealth and happiness", 1997

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