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About the GNH Institute

The Gross National Happiness Institute is a non-profit civil society organization (CSO) established with a purpose of promoting the science and education of well-being and happiness policies.

We are advocates of the Gross National Happiness Philosophy first coined by Jigme Singye Wangchuck, the Fourth King of Bhutan. We are not associated with any political or other research centers, including Bhutan, American, Australian, Thailand, French and other happiness centers.

The institute is an autonomous institution, undertaking research, development and education related to happiness economics, psychology, sociology, biology, political science and education.

The institute is independent of any government (NGO), political party or for-profit company. Our goal is to develop and promote the latest scientific research on Gross National Happiness (GNH), related socioeconomic development policies and well-being initiatives. We will achieve our goal by creating, aggregating and delivering academic research and educational programs designed to spread awareness about well-being issues world-wide though the internet, media, and scientific events, conferences and meetings.

All of our work is licensed under the creative common license. Only attribution is required. All other works aggregated on our website are owned by their respective owners.  If you are interested in sharing your work under any category of the creative common license, please write to us.

GNH Institute Staff:

Majd Iohannes, Lead GNH Research Fellow

Alexandra Shepelinka, Public Policy Research Fellow

Mona Safi, Economic Research Fellow

Pillar Andrew, GNH Outreach Director

Svetlana Koshevaya, Webmaster

GNH Institute Contact Info:

Electronic mail:

gnh GNH At GNH Institute - Gross National Happines Institute

Telephone and Regular Mail:

Americas and the Caribbean

  • Tel: +1-607-923-0060

  • Bay Front, PO Box 22, Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica

Europe, Middle East and Africa

  • Tel: +380-50-698-8140

  • Apt 12, Building 40, Sedova Street, Odessa, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine

Asia and Australia

  • We are looking for research partners in Asia and Australia. Please email us.



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